A Continuous Improvement Mindset

It wouldn’t be possible to grow to 190+ restaurants by resting on our laurels – and at Pizza Ranch, we’re committed to reinvesting in the success of our franchise system.  We’re always looking for opportunities for improvement and enhancements in order to offer a business model that continues to prove itself year after year.

Here’s an example:

In 2007, we updated our branded image, which included a new logo design as well as interior and exterior enhancements.  Did it require a commitment of resources and dedication from every franchisee in order to implement?  Yes!  Was it a quick, easy-to-execute change?  No!  Has it taken our franchise system to a new level? Absolutely! We’re building a stronger brand today and for the future.

PR Financial

A number of years ago, PR Financial was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary to provide franchisees with accounting functions and consultation, including payroll and financial statements.  Delivering efficient, time-saving and cost-effective services, PR Financial consultants also review key performance indicators in a timely manner.  Franchisees continue to tell us their lives have been made easier by the responsive PR Financial team.  It’s just another example of the on-going support provided to help franchisees successfully manage and focus on their business.

Franchise Business Consultants

Franchise Business Consultants visit each restaurant and meet with franchisees/managers on a regular basis however, franchisees can request one-on-one meetings at any time.  Whether they want to take a hard look at their financials or just need advice on any area of operations, our franchise business consultants are available and accessible - all as part of the Pizza Ranch, Inc. on-going support.

On-Going Training Support

Even if new managers are added to your team after your restaurant is open, we encourage them attend the manager training program at the Restaurant Support Center. Included as part of our continued support of your restaurant’s success, we don’t stop the training the day the restaurant opens.  And, upon request, our training team will also conduct guest service training right in the restaurant.

On another level, our ‘Boot Camps’ – annual sessions held at headquarters for groups of about 50 people offer razor-focused and concentrated sessions on specific topics each year.