Communication is Key

Communication is vital to any successful franchise system, and it’s certainly a focus for Pizza Ranch.  Not only do we work to maintain timely communication with our guests via advertising, direct mail and e-mail marketing, we make a point to keep open the lines of communication between our corporate office (franchisor) and each and every franchisee.

We have a number of tools we use as a regular means of franchisee communication:

Meetings with Franchise Business Consultants (FBC’s)

We have a team of qualified and energetic Franchise Business Consultants who provide business consultation to each restaurant within their defined geographic territory. Each FBC meets with their respective franchisees approximately six times per year. These one-on-one meetings are used to review standards, track progress, identify possible opportunities, and develop individual business goals and plans. These meetings result in consistent, chain-wide operations and increased business awareness for franchisees – it’s like an intermittent refresher course to keep things on track.

Co-Op Meetings

All franchisees are members of a Co-Op Advertising Group which is managed by its members.  Meeting on a regular basis, these meetings provide a great opportunity for franchisees to benchmark with their peers, exchange ideas and strengthen the brand in their respective markets through joint marketing efforts.

Annual Company-Wide Meeting

Our annual meetings offer the unique opportunity to learn from fellow Pizza Ranch franchisees.  Held every summer, the meeting is a chance for owners, managers and crew members to benchmark and share with their peers, learn through informative breakout sessions, and direct their focus on achievement of annual goals.  With hundreds of family members also in attendance to join in the learning and the fun, franchisees return to business with renewed excitement and energy. We are extremely pleased to have a consistent, year-after-year franchisee attendance rate of 85-90%.