Cravable Foods

At Pizza Ranch, we take our "fun" foods seriously. That's why we have a full-time culinary research director on our team. At Pizza Ranch we want to offer our guests a wholesome meal of foods they truly crave. We've focused at being great at America's two favorite foods and providing satisfying side items that compliment the meal. We've created innovative feature pizzas and salads, such as the Farmers Market and Apple Harvest Salads as well as BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza and Cowboy Cacciatore Pizza.

We keep our menu offerings current: we test new menu items, new ingredients, new spice levels, new preparation methods, all in an effort to keep our pre-teens as pleased as our grandparents. Often times, our new feature menu items are so popular they later become permanent menu items. The key is to keep our menus current, not trendy.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients is the foundation of cravable food. To have the Country's Best Chicken® we use fresh chicken and put in the extra-touch of hand-breading it and broasting it in trans-fat free oil. You become the Home of the Pizza Lover's Pizza® by making your dough in-house everyday, using sauce that comes from ripe tomatoes instead of tomato paste, and topping your pizza with 100% REAL® Cheese made from a blend of Muenster and Mozzarella. You may be surprised to know that Pizza Ranch even offers it's own custom Ranch Roast coffee using premium Aribica coffee beans.

Pizza Ranch is proud to partner with local farmers and producers. Pizza Ranch has forged mutually beneficial partnerships with farmers through the following producer organizations: the Midwest Dairy Association, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the National Pork Board as well as their respective state counterparts.

From the healthiest, most efficient oils, to cheese melting times, to ingredient chopping logistics in the kitchen, the list of culinary topics goes on and on. As a Pizza Ranch franchisee, you will reap the benefits of our culinary research, development, and expertise.