Franchising Success

In franchising, success depends on an easily replicated business model with proven systems already in place. And while starting any business is a risk, Pizza Ranch has proven itself with more than 180 franchises under its belt.  

We Aren’t Afraid of Change

Another secret to our success? An open mind; willing and able to recognize new opportunities for growth and development along with the flexibility and resources to put change into motion. We know you can’t stay in business (successfully) for 30 years without continually improving. Here are a few changes we’ve made over the years:

  • Originally, Pizza Ranch served only pizza. A few years later, a new franchisee took over what had been a restaurant serving chicken. Along with the keys to the building, the former owner also handed over his chicken recipe. Pizza Ranch agreed to let the franchisee test the chicken in his new Pizza Ranch restaurant and the response was overwhelming. It wasn’t long before we formulated our own recipe and added chicken to the menu franchise-wide. Today we’ve earned the reputation as “The Country’s Best Chicken.”
  • Originally, our buffet was served only during lunch, and only on certain days of the week. As it continued to grow in popularity, the demand became such that we experimented with dinner buffets a few times a week. It didn’t take long to figure out what our core menu offering should become. Approximately eight years ago, we began offering our famous pizza, chicken, salad, and dessert buffet at lunch and dinner every day of the week.
  • Originally, our strategy was to open Pizza Ranch restaurants in markets with populations at or below 5,000. Thinking that smaller markets would welcome and benefit from our community activities, we soon realized that our strategy would also work in larger markets and today we know our well-executed business model impacts not only the smaller communities but the larger ones as well. We now also expand into markets of 25,000-plus.  

As you can see, “original” ideas sometimes get even better. Today, we continue to combine our expertise and knowledge with input from our franchisees in setting the direction and course for the future.