An “Outward Focus”

If you couldn’t tell by now, the Pizza Ranch culture is one of blessing and benefiting – we strive to keep a strong outward focus. We serve pizza, chicken, and salad, but we also serve our communities. When communities open their arms and give us the support we need to open new locations, we see that as a commitment; a commitment on our end to do all that we can to return that support.  Examples of our culture can be seen on our Pizza Ranch Serves website at

Community Impact Fundraising Events

During our popular “Community Impact Fundraising Events,” members of organizations help serve our guests and receive donations from guests plus a percentage of sales from that night.  It's a great way to raise awareness and money for a particular cause.  These causes range from a family’s mounting medical expenses to a senior class trip students may not be able to pay for on their own. Although the reasons are many, the results are always incredible. Some events are booked out as far as a year in advance!

Employee Development

Another thing we foster is a coaching, yet professional work environment. Aside from our management teams, many employees are local high school students. We are able to teach them the fundamentals of service, dependability, responsibility and hard work while instilling a sense of confidence and self-worth. We like to say to parents, “When your kids work for us, they will learn life skills.”

Meetings With A Cause

We have also been known to schedule time within our annual company-wide meeting agendas to support a great cause. In recent years, we participated in “Kids Against Hunger” and hand-packaged 25,000 meals to be shipped to Haiti for relief efforts. Additionally, we usually dedicate one of our breakout sessions at the annual meeting to reinforcing our Vision & Mission Statements.

It is not unusual to hear franchisees and corporate team members say our culture is contagious. We strive to create more than a ‘give and take’ approach to our business. We want to give back because it’s the right thing to do. Our ultimate goal: we want communities to say we need a Pizza Ranch in our community because we know it will make our community a better place.