Pizza Ranch’s Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply to become a Pizza Ranch franchisee?

You can start the process by completing the short form Request for Information or by completing the long form Application.  You can also contact our franchise development department at 1.800.321.3401. { Return to Top }

When should I complete an Application?

If you meet the criteria listed for the Ideal Franchisee, we encourage you to complete an Application to start the process of becoming a Pizza Ranch franchisee. If you would like more information about franchising with Pizza Ranch before you submit an Application, go ahead and complete the short-form Request for Information and someone from the franchise development team will contact you.{ Return to Top }

What are the requirements for a Pizza Ranch franchisee?

Pizza Ranch is seeking highly-qualified individuals who align with our Vision and Mission to join our growing franchise system. Previous restaurant experience is a plus, but not required. We also look for prior business experience, financial strength, strong work enthusiasm and a track record of success.{ Return to Top }

What if I am interested in developing a market not indicated on the Territory Map?

Currently, our potential for continued growth and expansion is virtually unlimited in the midsection of the country so we know we have not included every available market on the Territory Map.  If you are interested in a market not indicated, we will entertain your inquiry so go ahead and complete the Request for Information and be sure to mention the market.  Someone from the Franchise Development team will contact you regarding the availability. { Return to Top }

Do I need to be the restaurant operator in order to be awarded a license to franchise?

If you will be a single-unit franchisee and this is your first time operating a restaurant, we know the owner/operator model works best. If there is a partnership involved, at least one partner should be involved in the full-time, day-to-day operation of the business.{ Return to Top }

Does Pizza Ranch offer multi-unit agreements?

Yes. Pizza Ranch is actively seeking both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees who have restaurant experience, management experience, and financial strength to be a multi-unit owner.{ Return to Top }

What is the approximate investment level for a Pizza Ranch restaurant?

Investment levels vary depending on store size, location, and profile of the restaurant (model, retrofitting existing space). Investment levels may range between $1,032,000- $2,774,000. { Return to Top }

How much cash or liquid assets will I need? May I qualify with other financial partners?

Minimum liquid cash assets and financial net worth requirements are adjusted according to the store profile you choose:

*  Retrofit/Leased Space = liquid cash assets of $273,000 - $368,250
*  Retrofit & owning an existing building and/or new construction ground-up model store = liquid cash  assets of $330,500 - $501,500

You must have financial strength and the ability to get the project financed.  You may qualify with other financial partners, who need to be included in the LLC or S Corp.
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Is financing available through Pizza Ranch?

Pizza Ranch does not provide direct or indirect financing.{ Return to Top }

What is the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and how do I receive one?

The Franchise Disclosure Document provides prospective franchisees with information relevant to the franchise offering It explains our franchise system in detail and will be helpful in your decision-making process. You may want to have your attorney and CPA review it to clarify business terms and conditions.  The FDD will be given to you at the first face-to-face meeting with a member of the Franchise Development team or a minimum of 14 calendar days before a contract is signed or money is paid, whichever comes first. The FDD is available in printed or electronic format. By law, other than the FDD, Pizza Ranch representatives are not allowed to furnish you with additional financial projections, potential sales, earnings, earnings claims or profitability projections.{ Return to Top }

Are there different types of restaurant profiles?

Pizza Ranch has a number of “model store” building plans, varying on square footage.   Franchisees also have the flexibility of retro-fitting an existing space. All sites and plans must receive approval from Pizza Ranch prior to the start of construction.{ Return to Top }

What training support will I receive in preparation for operating my Pizza Ranch restaurant?

The Pizza Ranch training programs have been a key to our continued growth and success. As a new franchisee, you will participate in a comprehensive five-week training program. General managers and the restaurant management team split their time between classroom training at our Restaurant Support Center in Orange City, IA and hands-on training at one of our training restaurants. In addition, a Pizza Ranch Restaurant Opening Team provides pre-opening, in-restaurant training for your team and will work with you during and after the restaurant opening.{ Return to Top }

Will I receive support after my Pizza Ranch restaurant is open?

Yes. Each Pizza Ranch restaurant is assigned a franchise business consultant who provides ongoing support related to the success of the restaurant, including: marketing, cost control, team development. The franchise business consultant also assesses the restaurant's strengths and opportunities and provides valuable input on how to continue to successfully grow the business.{ Return to Top }

What is the initial Franchise Fee?

The initial Franchise Fee is $30,000.{ Return to Top }

What is the Royalty Fee?

The Royalty Fee is 4% of gross revenues.{ Return to Top }